The Second International Green Energy Development Conference (IGEDC) (Yangzhong • China)

The Second International Green Energy Development Conference (IGEDC) is scheduled to be held in Yangzhong City, east China's Jiangsu Province during October 15-16. By focusing on challenges and issues of wide concern regarding green energy development, the second IGEDC aims to build an international dialogue platform for green energy development. By then, the conference will present latest technologies and practices in global green energy, and explore new ideas, new methods, and new measures for the green energy applications so as to bring new wisdom and strength to energy transformation and ecological conservation in not only China but also the whole world. 

Theme: "Global Green Energy Application and Urban High-Quality Development"
Hosts: China Economic Information Service (CEIS), China Photovoltaic Industry Association (CPIA) and Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association (CREIA)
Organized by: Yangzhong Municipal People's Government, CEIS Xinhua Silk Road Information Department, CEIS Jiangsu Center and National Cooperative and Coordinative Strategic Alliance of Modern Agriculture and PV Industry (AMAPV)

Date:October 15-16, 2019
Venue: Yangzhong Firth Jinling Grand Hotel, Yangzhong, Jiangsu


October 15, 2019  Afternoon
15:00-15:40    Press Conference
16:00-18:00    Tours of Achievements in New Energy City Construction
October 16, 2019  Morning
9:00-9:05    Opening Ceremony
9:05-9:40    Welcome Speeches
9:40-9:55    Release of Annual Development Report of Global Green Energy Applications by CEIS
9:55-10:05    Release of Plan on Yangzhong Energy Interconnection Network Demonstration Zone by Zhenjiang Power Supply Company
10:05-11:45    Keynote Speeches
11:45-11:50    Strategic Cooperation Pact Signing by CEIS and Yangzhong Municipal People's Government
October 16, 2019  Afternoon
14:00-16:00    Sub Forum I: Belt and Road and International Green Energy Cooperation
14:00-16:00    Sub Forum II: Technical Seminar on Sustainable Development of AI-empowered Complementation between Fishery/Agriculture and Photovoltaic Power Generation, Annual Meeting of National Cooperative and Coordinative Strategic Alliance of Modern Agriculture and PV Industry
14:00-16:00    Sub Forum: Seminar on Implementation Path of Developing “Three Types of Enterprises and Two Types of Networks”
16:00 – 17:00    Projects Signing Ceremony of the Second International Green Energy Development Conference (Yangzhong • China)

Shi Zhengrong, Chairman of the 2nd IGEDC Organizing Committee and Academician of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering
Shi Zhengrong, Chairman of the 2nd IGEDC Organizing Committee

Hui Jianlin, Secretary of CPC Zhenjiang Municipal Committee

Yin Min, Secretary of CPC Yangzhou Municipal Committee

Wang Bohua, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of China Photovoltaic Industry Association
Xu Yuchang, Chairman and President of China Economic Information Service (CEIS)

Yi Yuechun, Director of China National Renewable Energy Centre & Vice Director of China Renewable Energy Engineering Institute
Xu Dingming, Former Counsellor of the State Council & Former Director of National Energy Administration of NDRC

Chen Xixi, Director of CEIS Jiangsu Economic Research Center, releases Annual Dev. Report of Global Green Energy Applications (2018-2019).

Zhang Ziyang, Vice GM of State Grid Zhenjiang Power Supply Co., releases Planning of Urban Energy Internet Demonstration Zone in Xinba Town in Yangzhong.
Shi Yubo, Executive Vice Chairman of China Energy Research Institute and Former Deputy Director of the National Energy Administration
Michio Kondo, Director of Fukushima Renewable Energy Institute

Thomas Reindl, Deputy CEO of the Solar Energy Research Institute of Singapore (SERIS)

Albert Y. Zomaya, Academician of Academia European, Director of Centre for Distributed & High Performance Computing at University of Sydney
Li Zhenguo, Founder, CEO of LONGi Green Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Zhang Dejun, Mayor of Yangzhong City

Li Yue, Vice President of China Economic Information Service

Sinava Souphanouvong, Vice Minister of Ministry of Energy and Mines, Laos

Wei Wei, Deputy General Manager of CEIS Xinhua Silk Road Info Department releases Report on Belt & Road Green Energy Inv. Environment (2019)

Alessandro Barin, CEO of FuturaSun, introduces China-Italy Cooperation

Batlkagva Batsuren, COO of Monhorus International, introduces China-Mongolia Cooperation

Qian Hongjiang, Vice President of Jiangsu Seraphim SolarSystem Co., Ltd., introduces Jiangsu Seraphim's overseas development
Report on Belt and Road Green Energy Investrment Environment (2019)

  • Published by: Xinhua Silk Road Information Department, China Economic Information Service
  • Background:
  • With the emergence of global environmental governance issues, green and low-carbon development has become a global consensus, and it has also brought more development opportunities for green energy companies including China’s photovoltaic, wind power and hydropower businesses. Huge development potentials are found particularly in the Belt & Road countries and regions which are rich in green energy resources.
  • Xinhua Silk Road Information Department, a Belt and Road Initiative-focused information service provider under China Economic Information Service publishes the Report on Belt & Road Green Energy Investment Environment, on the basis of an in-depth investigation on the policies, international cooperation, investment opportunities and risks regarding green energy sector in the Belt and Road countries and regions, which was made with the help of overseas reporters of Xinhua News Agency.
  • Highlights: Aimed to provide references for interested companies, the report consists of four chapters, respectively focusing on the status quo of “Belt and Road” green energy cooperation and development, analysis of green energy policy changes in key countries, green energy investment opportunities and risks, and typical project cases.

Surrounded by Yangtze River, Yangzhong is known as the "Hometown of Puffer Fish" and "Pearl in the Yangtze River". Consisting of four alluvial islands, the island city boasted a regional GDP of 54.2 billion yuan in 2018, with intelligent manufacturing, new energy and equipment manufacturing as its three leading industries. It now has one provincial economic development zone and one provincial high-tech development zone.

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