Suning’s vertical industries is a leading online-to-offline(O2O) smart retail company in China. In the era of the Internet, Internet of Things and Big Data, Suning continues its long-term commitment to promote the integration of smart retail and O2O, full category operations, omni-channel operations, global expansion, logistics cloud services, data cloud, and financial cloud services, enabling one-stop shopping solutions through bricks-and-mortar stores, PCs, mobile devices and TVs at home.

Suning Logistics 

Suning Logistics is a leading retail logistics enterprise in China. It specializes in services throughout the entire supply chain including warehousing and distribution. Furthermore, it aims to establish the most efficient commercial warehouse-service system for consumer goods and provide the best smart logistics service platform across the whole country. Suning Logistics owns and maintains advanced warehouse facilities and as of 2018, together with its subsidiary TTK Express Company, possess 9.5 million㎡of warehouse space with a delivery network covering 351 cities, 2,858 districts and counties in China.

Suning Financial Service 

As a pioneer of online-to-offline(O2O) finance in China, Suning Financial Services ranks as one of the top Internet finance groups. It is based on Suning’s business ecosystem with the positioning as a Fintech company powered by online-to-offline(O2O) integration. With five core technologies: biometric identification, big data risk control, intelligent marketing, robot-advisor, and financial cloud.

Suning Technology 

Suning Technology Group, as the core driving force of the development strategy of “High-tech Suning, Smart Service”, has established a mature online and offline smart retail technology system, which is committed to promoting the development and influence of technology applications in the retail industry. As the Suning technology hub, Suning Technology Group has established R&D bases in Silicon Valley, Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Wuhan and other places with more than 10,000 technical experts.

Suning Real Estate 

Suning Real Estate focuses on the intelligent development and operation of contemporary urban spaces. As a smart real estate operator promoting industry transformation, it is also the largest commercial chain and the best real estate owner and management company. The brand value of Suning Real Estate was ranked in the top 20 of China real estate enterprises, top 10 in commercial real estate enterprises with comprehensive strength, and top 5 in real estates with superior operation capability.

Suning Media and Entertainment 

Suning Media & Entertainment establishes omni-channel industrial chains and has become the leading cultural online-to-offline (O2O) service platform in China. Through content services, audiences and scene services, it connects upstream creation with downstream consumption. Suning Media & Entertainment provides services in the areas of home entertainment, mobile social network, and theater to more than 400 million registered members. With the establishment of PPTV, Longzhu Live-broadcasting, and Suning Cinema, Suning Media & Entertainment focuses on the development of video entertainment, content services, O2O services, and technical services.

Suning Sports 

Suning Sports is China’s leading Sports Industry Group, with a mission to offer the best-in-class products and services to sports fans. Its goals are to harness every resource in the ecosystem and to develop an elite international sports group. Areas of expertise include Club Operation Management, Sports Media Operation, Youth Training, Sports Copyright Operation, Sports Commercial Operation, and Sports Real Estate Development.

Suning Sports owns three football clubs: Jiangsu Suning Football Club, Jiangsu Suning Ladies Football Club, and F.C. Internazionale Milano. PP Sports, owned by Suning Sports, is the first sports media platform in China to own the exclusive copyrights of Europe's Big Five Football Leagues: the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga and Ligue 1. PP Sports also owns the copyrights of other major sports events such as CFA, CSL, AFC, and WWE.

     Founded in 1990, Suning Holdings Group is one of the leading commercial enterprises in China, with two public companies in China and Japan. In 2019, the company was ranked third in the top 500 privately-owned enterprises in China, with annual revenue of 86 billion USD (602.5 billion RMB). With its mission of “Leading the Ecosystem Across Industries by Creating Elite Quality of Life for All”, Suning has gone from strength to strength, expanding its core business through several vertical industries:, Logistics, Financial Services, Technology, Real Estate, Media & Entertainment, and Sports. was listed on the Fortune Global 500.