Shandong Luhua Group

Shandong Luhua Group Co., Ltd. is located in Laiyan, a city in east China's Shandong Province, is a large private enterprise, national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization. Group now employs nearly twenty thousand people, under the 26 production bases, across the cooking oil, seasoning, vegetable processing and other industries. Edible oil production capacity of 1 million tons, annual production capacity of 200 thousand tons of spices. The main products are "5S Luhua peanut oil, sunflower oil and press", "press special incense rapeseed oil, corn oil press, olive oil, sesame oil, natural fresh soy sauce" and "natural fresh cooking soy sauce, vinegar, black glutinous rice" "wine", "peanut products" and "mineral water", "FD food". In 2002, Luhua peanut oil won the "national assured oil" honorary title; in 2004, by the national public nutrition and Development Center awarded the "nutrition and health advocacy products"; 2013, "5S Luhua physical crushing technology" won the "National Prize for progress in science and technology". Luhua Group Ministry of Civil Affairs has been awarded the "China Charity award". At present, Luhua has become popular Chinese peanut oil, famous brand, set up more than and 200 sales branches, forming a nationwide marketing network. 2015 sales revenue of 18 billion 200 million yuan.

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