Evergrande Group is a Fortune Global 500 enterprise, taking the new energy vehicle as its leading business, setting its foothold in real estate for people's well-being and taking cultural tourism and health regimen as its wings. Currently, Evergrande Group registers total assets of RMB 2.1 trillion, with an annual sales volume of over RMB 600 billion, an accumulated tax payment of over RMB 240 billion, and charitable donations of RMB 14.8 billion. It has 140,000 employees and creates more than 2.6 million jobs per year, ranking 138th in Fortune Global 500.

Evergrande Real Estate Group Limited has over 810 projects in more than 280 cities in China. It has partnered strategically with more than 860 famous enterprises across the world to create top projects, namely, high-quality and cost-effective products. It is a forerunner in delivering all the houses with fine decoration and guaranteeing no-reason house return, so that more than 6 million owners can have a livable house in their dreams.